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The Big Picture

Bell & Evans provides a comprehensive* benefits plan designed around the philosophy that the health and well-being of every team member and their dependents is important to the success of the individual as well as the success of the organization.

Bell & Evans provides a premier Medical, Dental and Vision benefits plan that is unrivaled in the area and industry.

Medical Benefits:

$0-copay, $0-deductible and $0-coinsurance for services provided by in-network physicians. This means your hard-earned money stays in your pocket and you never have to put off going to the doctor because money is tight.

Onsite Clinic:

Need a doctor’s appointment but don’t want to miss work? We offer an onsite clinic where you can be seen by a doctor while you’re at work. When was the last time you got paid to go to the doctor?

Work Life Balance:

At Bell & Evans, we know everyone needs time away from work. Hourly Team Members are entitled to one (1) week of vacation after only six (6) months of service and another week of vacation after a year.
We also offer paid personal days and 7 paid holidays per year.

Retail Store:

Our excellent chicken is SECOND TO NONE and you can purchase it at steep employee discounts at our retail store located at the West Main plant.

Additional benefits Include:

  • Matching 401K plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Service Awards

*See the employee handbook for full program details and eligibility.